When it comes to issues connected with purchasing  different versions of the game, DLC items, missing/invalid/duplicated codes etc.,  we would like you to tell us the following:

- Which store and country did you buy the original game from (and is it a digital or disc version)?

- Which region is your platform's account assigned to (where do you live)?

Additionally, for issues specifically related to the game's activation codes, send us your scanned proof of purchase along with the game's  instructions manual, prepared in accordance with the following  procedure, please:

1) scan your instructions manual where the serial code is displayed and then print it out;

2) on the printout, write your full name and the e-mail address you are using to contact us, using either a  pen or a marker;

3) scan your signed manual or take a clear picture of it and send  it to us with a copy of your proof of purchase in the form of an  attachment to your support ticket.

This will allow us to recognize the issue correctly and proceed accordingly.