Clear the cache of the Xbox One system, as described below:


Power down your console, then unplug the power  cord from the back of the Xbox One. Wait two minutes, then plug the  power cable back into the back of the Xbox One and monitor the power  brick, waiting for it to cycle from white light to orange, and then turn the power on. This will perform a hard restart of the system.

An easier way is to hold the Xbox button on  your console for 10 seconds and wait until the console makes a noise  different to a normal power down. After the console is completely shut  down, turn it back on. To be able to tell if it has worked when you go  to start a game, it will say syncing. This means that the Xbox has  remembered all the saved data on your console.

If you are still experiencing crashes or freezes after performing the above steps, delete the game completely and re-install  it, making sure you  have stable internet connection during and after the installation  process, so that the game's critical updates can be downloaded and successfully applied.

NOTE: The above procedures will not delete your progress.